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A Peek Into The World Of Tea And Coffee

Most of the people around the world consume either coffee or tea. They say the reason for consuming it is, to get energy and they feel fresh after consuming it. Some people cannot be without tea or coffee. They get tempted to drink one when it’s time for coffee. They feel like their day is not started without having a cup of coffee. Do you know that there are people who feel uneasy if they don’t have one at the regular time? Do you know what will they answer if they don’t have one? Here are some of the comments of people on how they feel without coffee or tea in the morning.

Some people say that they get a headache if they do not consume one on time.

Some people say that they get depressed and they feel like the whole day is wasted.

Some people say that they feel drowsy.

Some say that they feel like crap if they skip their morning coffee or tea.

Is that all true? Will everybody feel the same when they start drinking coffee? Does that all mean that tea and coffee are addictives? Let us clear all these and know the truth about it.

What happens in our body when we drink coffee?

The foremost thing one must know is what happens when we drink coffee every day. Drinking coffee or tea will increase the acid content in the stomach. This will automatically help in the digestion of food. But, the problem arises only when you drink too much of it. When you drink too much of coffee or tea, the acid that is produced will cause heartburn. When you drink coffee, the adrenal gland will start producing adrenaline. This will take 20 minutes to get your pupil dilated and you can feel the sharpness in your vision. Generally, it takes about 30 to 60 minutes for the caffeine content in the coffee to reach its highest level. The effect of it will stay for at least eight to fourteen hours.



What happens when we drink tea?

Similar to coffee, tea also has a lot of benefits. It cleanses the body, gives a lot of energy and provides great relaxation. There are different types of tea and each tea provides its own benefit based on its type. For example, green tea helps to prevent cancer, black tea helps to prevent stroke and similarly, there are other teas that have its own benefit.

Compared to coffee, tea has a fewer amount of caffeine which indirectly means people assume that there are lesser chances for getting addicted to it. Though it has lesser stimulating power than coffee, tea has excellent health benefits.

Apart from all these benefits of tea and coffee, why is there a controversy about consuming them? The truth is, anything that is taken in the right amount will not affect the body

When it is taken in huge quantity, one becomes addicted to it and they feel as if it is not possible for them to live without it.

How To Choose Tea and Coffee?

So, are you a lover of coffee and tea? Then, you must know about it better than the others do. However, when it comes to drinking coffee and tea make sure you consume one of good quality. How should one identify the best quality tea and coffee? Here are few tips for it.


When you go for tea leaves, avoid loose tea that has got a lot of stalks in it. Such tea will be less flavourful. Generally, it must be soft to touch the tea leaves and it must not crumble on normal handling.

The tea must have a distinct smell and if you get only a trace of smell then it is an indication of the tea leaves getting old.If you are a tea lover, then you can recognize the strong and unique flavor of the tea.


Prefer whole coffee beans as the small beans lose its flavor and freshness easily. Let the coffee beans bought be not far from the roast date.Choose your roast preference; light, medium and dark roast as per your taste.

So, got the tips to choose your best coffee beans and tea leaves? Use these tips to choose your favorite coffee and tea when you visit next time.