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The Company

We are one of the leading tea and coffee sellers in the online market today. Our main aim is to ensure that all varieties of tea and coffee from one part of the world reach to any other part of the world with the same freshness as if you are drinking at the plantation.Our founderswere all coffee and tea lovers and they were tech savvy as well, this made them unite the two worlds and thus our company as born. With great technological advances in online shopping and e-commercetoday the world's best tea and coffee are just a click away.

Thanks to the vision and dedication of our founders.Quality is of utmost importance to us and our leaders personally travel to various parts of the world from where we procure tea and coffee. They spend quality time in the plantations and estates andthen do personal quality check before the tea or coffee gets selected as part of our production. There are also various quality control measures undertaken during the various stages of production to ensure that they stay fresh every time you consume it.We understand the importance of staying up to date with technological developments.

Our website is very secure and all measures have been taken to ensure that your details staysafe with us and your transactions are encrypted. We are also planning to develop an app so that you can buy your special tea or coffee on the go very easily from your smartphones.Our research team is open totrying out new varieties of tea and coffee and also test the beans from various locations of the world. They also try to provide new varieties of tea and coffee.To enjoy the delicacy of best tea or coffee in the world try our online portal today.