CJC 1285-Dosage intake, Effects on body

CJC 1285 is a popular growth hormone that boosts your muscle growth. It was initially got in development for treatment is various disease like for burn victims to help them recover faster. Later its usage was adopted by many athletes like bodybuilders as doping agents for muscle growth and faster recovery. This drug can be bought from local stores and via trusted websites. In this article, we are going to get you familiar with the drug consumptions methods and its effect on the body.

Instruction for taking CJC drug.

CJC is used by diluting the dose with sterile water. The dose that is prepares must not exceed 2ml of sterile and the drug. A syringe purposed for subcutaneous and intramuscular injection is ideal for use. The dosage must be properly administered as 2ml once per vial.

Effects of using the drug on the body

Muscle gain and increase in strength – The consumption of the drug results in muscle mass gain and increment in strength. It act as long lasting agent for muscle growth provides durable results. It works by healing the damaged muscle tissue and replacing them with bigger and stronger one.

Reduces body fat – CJC 1285 acts as a fat burning drug too with the fulfilment of its key purpose. It reduces the absorption of the fat by the body and focuses on breakdown of the protein for the body to help absorb it.

Increases recovery time – In athletes in increases the recovery time of the damages muscle tissues. On the other hand it also helps to heal injuries causes due to any reason. It triggers our white blood cells that helps in injury to heal much faster

Water retention – Using CJC 1285 causes water retention in the body because it stimulates pituitary gland. Those who take its extra dosage might observe water retention in the body. The solution is simple as you just need to skip one or two dose to bring body back to normal state.

Concluding the above it won’t be wrong to say that CJC 1285 is beneficial in various purpose. It is generally recommended by the doctors for faster muscle recovery and repairing damaged muscle tissue. Also in case of any injuries causes due to certain reasons, this drug performs its action well. As initially it was started in development for treatment of various disease like skin burn, this drug emerged as a popular drug as an effective growth hormone.