Comparison between CJC 1285 and other peptides.

CJC 1285 on comparison with other peptides and drugs stand somewhat as a bit successful drug. But still to make it easy for you to have comparison between this one and another drugs we have already done the hard work. Below are certain factor that stood as the basis of our comparison of CJC 1285 and other peptides.

Comparison of CJ 1285 with other drugs

Multipurpose – Initially this drug was held in development for various diseases and injuries. Some of them including injuries to the burn patient, skin patient were usually treated with this drug. Later on it was finalised as a drug for healing and agent and protein synthesiser. Other drug of the same category hardly has any ability to serve such multipurpose to its users.

Risk factor – There are some minor risk involved in the consumption of CJC 1285 but they can be ignored as reducing the dosage of the drug would fix that. Talking about the other drug of the same category they include various risk like flushing of skin and side effects including decrement in sugar level and fatigue too.

Pain – The side effect of the drugs includes pain but it is nominal and last for few minutes. On the other hand the pain caused by other drugs is severe and last for hour or more.

Long term effect CJC 1285 successfully claims it long term serving feature. Unlike the other products which stay in effect till the time they are used, this drug gives you the surety of the advantage of being getting used for short time span.

Addictiveness – Unlike the other drugs which becomes addiction, this drug prevents you to get addicted of it. The dose intake of the drug remains constant that doesn’t let your body to demand more dose. The problem with the other peptides is that there effect on the body is addictive as they requirement increase with the time and will have no effect of little dosage. As a result this will make you consume more dosage making you addictive towards this drug.

Our conclusion resides on the basis of analysis that CJC 1285 is far better than other peptides and drugs as it has many more advantages then the other and have less disadvantages. Therefore, people looking for an ideal drug that they feel should serve multiple purpose, then they must try this peptide once.